Why Muslims Wear the Hijab & Why You Should Too

What does the Holy Quran ACTUALLY say about the Hijab, the Muslim headscarf? What is its purpose and benefits? Anne-Marie explains in the first episode of Spotlight, where Muslim women tackle social issues.

You can find out more about Anne-Marie’s journey from Christianity into Islam here: https://rationalreligion.co.uk/how-a-romanian-christian-became-an-ahmadi-muslim-convertslikeus

Learn more about Islam Ahmadiyya here:


Quran reference enumerates ‘Bismillah…’ as first verse, if your Quran doesn’t, the reference is 24:31. Read verse & commentary online: https://www.alislam.org/quran/view/?page=717&region=EN

Susan Fiske paper: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3801174/

Susan Fiske discussing her research: “But what was particularly interesting is that this superior memory for the bikini-clad women was correlated with brain activation in two areas that are of special interest to us given our hypotheses. One was, as Jennifer predicted, an area that is activated when people look at tools that you can manipulate with your hands. So in effect, activating the idea of manipulating this body.”

“[T]his is all about the bikini-clad bodies, right? It did not happen for the women who were fully clothed. So for us, the moral of the story is that guys looking at women in bikinis—certain thoughts immediately come to mind related to acting on those bodies, and that’s probably why the women are wearing bikinis in the first place. So they’re in some sense objectifying themselves, and that’s people’s prerogative to do that. But it’s important to know the effects of this. So it’s important not to kid yourself about wearing provocative clothes and what you’re provoking.”



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