MUSLIM RESPONSE to Jordan Peterson — Was Muhammad a ‘Warlord?’ — Part 1 of 3

[TIMINGS BELOW] | In this three-part series we look at Jordan Peterson’s claims about Islam. In Part 1, we analyse his statement that “Muhammad was a warlord”. Is he right, or has he been duped by the wall-to-wall misinformation about the Prophet of Islam? We presnt the evidence to the contrary in the hope of reaching out to Professor Peterson, and engaging in dialogue about what Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, on whom be peace, are really about.

Our next videos cover the idea that there is no separation between Mosque & State in Islam (false), how Islam was actually spread, and the origin of modern Muslim terrorism & dictatorships.



Part 2:
Part 3:



0:00 – Intro
2:46 – Jordan Peterson’s allegation
6:08 – The Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) early life and mission
10:28 – Persecution in Medina
16:15 – Permission to Fight Given
23:32 – Is Christ a Better Role Model?

Most relevant references given in text, here are some others.

The Meccan threat to the Medinite Jews:

“You have given protection to an individual of ours, and we swear in the name of Allāh that you shall either leave him and declare war against him, or in the least, exile him from your city. If not, we shall gather our entire army and attack you; and we shall kill your men and take your women in to our own possession, making them lawful unto ourselves.” Sunan Abu Dawuud #3004

The Quran on their state of fear:

“O ye Muslims! And remember the time when you were few and weak in the land, and were in constant fear lest people should snatch you away (i.e., wage a sudden attack against you and destroy you). But God sheltered you and granted you support with His Succour and opened the doors of pure favours upon you. Therefore, you should now live as thankful servants.” 8:26/27.

For full rules of war of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) see pg. 78 in this book. Some specific references below too.


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