Third Way of Evolution: Neo-Darwinism in a Cheap Tuxedo? | Believe You Me, Ep. 13

Evolution is real. But Neo-Darwinism is false. What if there is another alternative to design?


In recent years, Neo-Darwinism has come under increasing attack from biologists themselves. Some have grouped together to propose a new ‘Third Way’ of Evolution, i.e.: not creationism, and not Neo-Darwinism. (As if those are the only two options!). This group includes Denis Noble, James Shapiro, and others. But as we show, the proposed ‘Third Way’ is just Neo-Darwinism on steroids.

While Neo-Darwinists falsely claim that modern design perspectives are ‘creationism in a cheap tuxedo’, we think Third Way of Evolution is ‘Neo-Darwinism in a cheap tuxedo.’ The mechanisms are certainly cool and interesting, and there’s great science underpinning them. But we are left with the obvious questions: where did these mechanisms come from? And where is the evidence that they can act ‘automatically’ and produce large-scale progressive evolutionary change? Wouldn’t we have seen them at work in Lenski’s experiments?

The only real answer to the enigma of evolution is to propose an Intelligent Mind guiding both mutation and environmental pressures over evolutionary history. Without positing that, evolutionary biology will continue to flail in it’s current state.


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