Did MUSLIMS Discover Evolution 1000 Years Ago?

We explore the evidence that up to 1000 years before Darwin, Muslim scientists and philosophers were discussing the idea of biological evolution. While they didn’t develop it into a full science, evolution was commonly accepted among the Muslim intelligentsia.

This video is the first part in a three part Believe You Me series on Islam and Evolution. The references in this video are largely from the book “Islam’s Quantum Question” by Nidhal Guessoum. The translation of the Brethren of Purity quotes were checked against the book’s source material for accuracy – they are accurate, if a bit paraphrased. The original is even more explicit!

Believe You Me is a YouTube talkshow exploring religion, science and society. Your hosts are Tahir and Umar Nasser (@TahirNasser, @UmarN91), two British Junior Doctors and co-founders of the Rational Religion platform.

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