A Brief History of Atheism – Nick Spencer, BBC Historian

Nick Spencer, historian and author of “Atheists: The Origin of the Species” tells us the thrilling story of how atheism progressed in the last 500 years.

From the wars of religion in the 16th and 17th centuries, to the rise of terrorism in the name of Islam, we explore how atheism has been used as both a buffer against, and a means of, political oppression. Nick gives his analysis of the rise and fall of new atheism, before explaining what he thinks the future holds for belief worldwide.

Rational Religion’s In Dialogue is hosted by Dr. Tahir & Dr. Umar Nasser, two brothers who co-founded the Rational Religion platform. In Dialogue is an interview series that seeks to challenge the status quo on issues of religion, science and society. Past guests include Rupert Sheldrake, David Berlinski, James Le Fanu, Christopher Isham, Stephen Meyer, Doug Axe, Paul Nelson, Qasim Rashid and Kashif Chaudhry.

Nick Spencer is a senior fellow of the think-tank “Theos”. Learn more about Theos here: https://www.theosthinktank.co.uk/

Nick’s 3-part radio series on “The Secret History of Science and Religion” detailing the relationship between science and belief in God throughout Europe since the Renaissance, can be found here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000614f

Nick Spencer’s book, “Atheists: The Origin of the Species” is a fantastic, nuanced work, the highlights of which we have only touched on in our interview. It is easily the best history of modern atheism we have come across. Buy his book now for more: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Atheists-Origin-Species-Nick-Spencer/dp/1472902963

Our apologies for the small issue with the microphone halfway through the discussion. We hope it didn’t too adversely affect your viewing/listening experience!


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