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Is Santa Making Your Kids Atheist?

Have you seen Liam Neeson’s audition for Santa Claus? It’s hilarious, and I thoroughly recommend you check it out below. He delivers Santa’s classic lines in the character of Bryan Mills, an ex-military security agent from the movie Taken. Neeson’s calculating menace results in a dissociation, for the viewer, between Santa himself and the cuddly fat-grandpa […]

Should Humanism Replace Religion?

In this video, Rational Religion co-founder explains why Humanism can never replace religion, because its premise of atheism obviates moral objectivity. You can find the slides used in the presentation below-these can be downloaded via the ‘link out’ button.  

If Everyone was Humanist, Would Society be More Moral?

With the recent controversy over whether Humanism should be taught in UK RE classes, this belief system is getting more attention than it’s ever done. We thought we’d help out the British Humanist Association with their policy of promoting critical thought around Humanism by publishing a series of posts examining whether Humanism makes any sense at all. Enjoy!   ~Humanism & […]

Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Thinks You May be Living in the Matrix

I remember watching a documentary as a kid which freaked me out. It was narrated by Stephen Hawking I believe, and ended by saying that we may all simply be a simulation in a hologram universe. My mind went into overdrive. Was I real? Was I simply a virtual reality hologram played from a giant […]

Why You Should Never Trust New Atheists on Islam: How Jerry Coyne Misuses Evidence to Promote Islamophobia

If you don’t know Jerry Coyne, he’s something akin to the American Richard Dawkins—an evolutionary biologist who’s convinced that unguided typographical errors in genetic code produced the gamut of life on Earth, as well as someone sold on the idea that religion is an evil  standing in the way of the Even More Enlightened Age of […]