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Islam and Mental Health – Part 1: Beneath the Smiles

“Oh Muhammad, if you consider the fact that Paradise’s width is as that of the heavens and the earth, then where would hell be?” The Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, answered: “Just tell me, when the night covers everything with its darkness, where would day be?” I had known Toby since […]

How to Find God

This series explores the relationship between religion and science, discussing whether the two are compatible or mutually contradictory. The articles in this series touch upon various strands of science, and discuss whether our modern age of advancements has strengthened or weakened the case for God. This article, following on from Alex Borthwick’s previous article, gives […]

How Should Muslims Respond to the Christchurch Terror Attack?

When we heard the news, we were all shocked, but somehow, not surprised. It was inevitable wasn’t it? It’s happened before. And we have a sickly feeling that it might happen again. What can we do to stop such a recurrence? What should our response be in the face of such barbarity? In particular, how […]

International Day of Happiness — An Islamic Perspective on How to Be Happy

20th March of every year marks the International Day of Happiness. The day aims to ‘help people take action for a happier and more caring world.’ Marking this initiative, one Rational Religion writer, Safiyah Nasser, provides an Islamic perspective on how one can attain true happiness.

How Islamic Are the Malaysian Blasphemy Laws?

In today’s age, though many people feel an urge to seek a higher purpose in life, or to pray, or to be ‘spiritual,’ they are often put off by the barbaric acts of religious people. If religion is like this, they think, then I want to get as far away from it as possible.

Scientific Misconduct: Can Religion Help?

Ernst Haeckel was a German biologist who played an important role in promoting Darwinian evolution in Germany.