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Is the Universe Intelligently Designed?

Introduction Our universe is remarkable. It is filled with immense displays of cosmic beauty, from the nebulae that give birth to stars, to the end of stars in dazzling supernovae. Yet by far the most remarkable fact of our universe is the existence of life itself. Our consciousness, born from the loins of the universe, […]

Largest Ever Study on Alcohol Consumption Proves True Quranic Pronouncement 1400 years ago.

  Another day, another verse of the Quran corroborated by empirical science. This time, the precise wording of the Quran has been reiterated (unknowingly) in the actual conclusion of the study.

Astronaut Tim Peake: “The Universe Might Be Designed” [AUDIO]

  Last Friday, acclaimed British astronaut Tim Peake spoke at Peterborough Cathedral about the possibility that the universe was designed. While doing a tour with the space capsule that brought him back to Earth in 2016, The Times reports Peake as stating: “Although I say I’m not religious it doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t […]

Why Natural Selection Can’t Explain Evolution

  Though scientists often differ in their beliefs about the origin of life, there is one area that is widely thought of as being well understood, at least in principle — the evolution of life from its origin to all the complexity and variety we see today. The secret, it is said, is Darwinian Evolution.

The Book of Life | Human Origins, Part 1

Introduction Rational Religion recently received a message from someone I’ll call ‘Sara.’ Sara used to be a Sunni Muslim. When her Muslim husband started to incline towards atheism, she began to explore scientific issues in order to find evidence for God.

A Frenchman’s Journey into Islam Ahmadiyya

My name is Naweed Ahmad Marty, and I am of French origin. In the following lines I will try to describe the main events that, by the Grace of Allah led me to convert to Islam. I pray that Allah Who has guided me to the truth may allow me to express what is in […]