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Blasphemy and Islam: The Case of Asia Bibi

The streets are blocked. The schools closed. Mass disruption and hysteria runs throughout the land all the while the camera stares down at them squarely. They have their audience. Now the question remains: what has this achieved? This past week a clergy of Pakistani Muslims, along with their vacant-minded followers, have set their stage onto […]

How to be Free: Supermodel Bar Rafaeli Breaks it down in Racist Advert

A clothing brand named Hoodies has released an advertisement depicting a model, Bar Refaeli, clad in a black niqab shortly before removing it and dancing for joy while a voiceover declares that “Freedom is basic”.

Darwinism & Eugenics

Eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices that aims at ‘improving’ the genetic quality of a human population by applying to human beings the principles of selective breeding that are commonly used on animals. This usually involves either sterilising or even ‘culling’ those echelons of society which are deemed somehow unfit, e.g. the poor, […]

Why Some Atheist Philosophers are Arguing for Killing Newborn Babies

Yes you read the title of this article correctly. Atheist philosophers from Australia have argued in the prestigious British Medical Journal that mothers should have the right to kill their newborn children, whether healthy or disabled, in their article “After-Birth Abortion: Why should the Newborn Baby Live?” I’m going to try to rebut their awful, […]

COSMIC DICE: God, Chance & the Multiverse

Introduction In an earlier article, we explained how there is a wide-reaching consensus among physicists that the universe is finely-tuned. Fine-tuning means that the universe’s initial conditions and physical laws permit life, while even tiny changes in their nature or calibrations would make it impossible for life to really get going. In that article’s conclusion, […]

Science & Religion: Similarities and Differences

Science and religion. Friends or foes? The two fields have been in an intellectual and experimental dance since time immemorial, and still the curtains haven’t been drawn on the subject. Will there ever be reconciliation between the two? The criticism at present (and for some time) is that religion no longer produces visible results. This […]