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Scientific Misconduct: Can Religion Help?

Ernst Haeckel was a German biologist who played an important role in promoting Darwinian evolution in Germany. 

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Are Religion and Science at War? Only in Jerry Coyne’s Mind

It was just before Christmas, so Jerry Coyne’s latest article “Yes There is a War Between Science and Religion“ was right in time to ruin the festivities.

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Are We All Atheists? A Response to Ricky Gervais

Many prominent atheists, such as Richard Dawkins and Ricky Gervais, object to the existence of God with the argument that throughout the ages, God has had many different names and descriptions. What these atheists fail to realise, however, is that the very fact that the concept of God has emerged and persisted throughout human history, […]

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Algerian persecution of Ahmadis

Why the Algerian government is targeting peaceful Ahmadi Muslims

Algeria, in the grand scheme of things, is not an old country. Liberated from French colonial power after almost a decade of war between the French government and the Algerian National Liberation Front, the new country was born in 1962, after great turmoil and strife. Young though it is, Algeria rapidly developed into a relatively […]

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What Cornish Cows taught me about the Meaning of Life

With the recent controversy over whether Humanism should be taught in UK RE classes, this belief system is getting more attention than it’s ever done. We thought we’d help out the British Humanist Association with their policy of promoting critical thought around Humanism by publishing a series of posts examining whether Humanism makes any sense at all. This installment was written […]

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Should Religious Parents Leave Their Kids Alone?

Religion is a hot topic these days, with Daesh prompting right-wing commentators and New Atheist activists to renew their criticism of religion in general, and Islam in particular. I spied last week a tweet (below) from one such critic Maryam Namazie, which mentioned religion being ‘imposed’ on children. It reminded me of New Atheism’s golden-boy […]

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