Rational Religion focuses on arguments for the Existence of God. We also argue for the relevance of religion in the modern day, from an Ahmadiyya Muslim perspective. Most of our work is applicable to people of Judaeo-Christian background too.

We’ve spent years making original videos on our YouTube channel and writing original articles on a variety of topics. Our website & YouTube channel have almost 400,000 views. But it can be difficult finding the right article/video at the right time.

For that reason, we’ve made this page to serve as a handy topic index of our work. It starts with a general heading ‘Existence of God’, and then follows an alphabetical order thereafter. Click on the plus-sign for each topic, and you’ll get a list underneath! 



Article: Who is God?

Article: Prayer


Article: My work is Hell

Blasphemy Laws

Article: Can a Rational Religion Punish Encourage Punishment For Those Who Leave It?

Article: Blasphemy and Islam: The Case for Aasia Bibi

Economics & Politics

VIDEO: Islamic politics explained

VIDEO: Islamic economics explained

Article: Meccan Capitalism & The Economic Revolution Of Islam

Extremism + Islamophobia

VIDEO: Being Muslim in Trump’s America

VIDEO: Why Trump is Wrong about Islam

Article: Tommy Robinson & Muslim Extremists

Article: Is our media fuelling terrorism?

Article: Why the Algerian government is targeting peaceful Ahmadis

Article: Why you should never trust New Atheists on Islam

Article: What Sam Harris Needs to Know About Islam

Jesus’ Death

VIDEO: Jesus didn’t die on the cross

Article: Resurrection  Re-told for Christian sceptics


Video: Islam & Slavery – Condoned or Condemned?

Article: The Disease of White supremacy and how to eradicate it

Science in the Quran

Video: Big Bang in the Quran? Debate with Ex-Muslims

Video: No Time for God to Create? 

Article: Seven Times that Scientific Verses of the Quran Were Proved True

Article: Big Bang Cosmology in the Quran: A Response to Atheist Objections

Article: Is the Earth Flat According to the Quran? 

Article: Does the Quran Say that Mountains Stop Earthquakes? 

Article: Does the Quran Say That the Sun Sets in a Muddy Pool?

Women in Islam

Article: The case for female-only safe places

Article: Why Ayyan Hirsi Ali is Wrong About Women in Islam

Article: How to be Free: Supermodel Bar Rafaeli Breaks it down in Racist Advert