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How Should Muslims Respond to the Christchurch Terror Attack?

When we heard the news, we were all shocked, but somehow, not surprised. It was inevitable wasn’t it? It’s happened before. And we have a sickly feeling that it might happen again. What can we do to stop such a recurrence? What should our response be in the face of such barbarity? In particular, how […]

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Why You Should Never Trust New Atheists on Islam: How Jerry Coyne Misuses Evidence to Promote Islamophobia

If you don’t know Jerry Coyne, he’s something akin to the American Richard Dawkins—an evolutionary biologist who’s convinced that unguided typographical errors in genetic code produced the gamut of life on Earth, as well as someone sold on the idea that religion is an evil  standing in the way of the Even More Enlightened Age of […]

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